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Okay…you set the date and found a place for your wedding. Now it’s time to decide who to invite to your wedding. Is your mom insisting that you invite your cousins twice removed? Is his cousin twice removed sending you texts and tweets that they can’t wait for the big day and you never have meet them (except on Facebook)? With social media these days, it is more challenging to figure out who is your “friend” and you just likes you for status or for true friendship, right? This makes the job of deciding who to invite to your wedding that much harder.

Most couples have to limit how many people to invite based on the size of the venue and their budget. As a wedding planner, I often advise the bride and groom to cut the guest list if they want to trim their budget. More guests means more food, more drinks, more tables, more centerpieces – you get the picture here.

But after that, how can you trim the guest list? Over the years, here are two tried and true ways to slenderize your guest list:

1)  Limit your guest list to family and friends that you both know by name.

If you have a friend who has a significant other that you cannot name, take them off the list. It sounds harsh I know, but nothing is more awkward than meeting someone for the first time at your wedding. Nobody wants to be in that situation and you have enough pressure on you the day of the wedding, let alone trying to remember all these new names.

2) Do not invite guests that you know to have a negative connection.

We all know these guests – the ones that drink too much and cannot control their intake, the ones that have had a family feud for decades and do not talk to each other and the list goes on and on. Depending on your relationship with one or both sides, either invite only the side you communicate with or do not invite either. Weddings and alcohol bring out the worst in people sometimes and your wedding doesn’t need to make the Evening News or Instagram because of a family feud that is being rehashed on your wedding day. If you can tell the future and know two parties won’t mix no matter how big the room, do not invite them. Everyone will thank you later.  (Or hire a body guard for the day – it will be money well spent)

Above all, I think it’s always best to be honest with yourself and invite people that you know love the BOTH of you and that you will have a great time celebrating your wedding with. It’s a once in a lifetime day so invite your friends for life!


About the Author: Donna Kim, Owner & Principal Consultant of The Perfect Details Custom Design – Events & Invites / ThePerfectDetails.com. The Perfect Details Custom Design is a full service planning company that specializes in events and invitations for those once in a lifetime moments.

The Perfect Details Custom Design is based in Concord, Massachusetts but will travel anywhere for  your special event! They have worked in Newport (Rhode Island), Boston, New York, Santa Barbara (California), New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and Virginia. Their motto has always been, “If you can dream it, we can design it.”

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