Wedding Venues on a Budget, Part 2 of 3

Wedding Venue: 10 Money Saving Tips

Dream of a wedding fit for a princess, but have the budget of cotton candy and root beer? With these wedding venue tips, you can still obtain that exquisite look on more affordable terms. 

1. Get married on a day that isn’t Saturday, or opt for a morning or afternoon celebration. 

Choosing a non-popular time and day could save you money that could be allocated to other areas. Though some guests might complain about having to attend a Sunday wedding, don’t let that stop you! Ultimately it is still your day. Get married when and where you want to, on a day that is special and significant to you and your love.

2. Do what you can yourself, consider independent or family owned businesses, and don’t be afraid to ask talented friends and family.

One way to make your wedding representative of you and your fiancé is to add your personal style with homemade crafts. Plus, you’ll be able to customize your decorations to match the style of your wedding. Be sure to  include the help of friends and family. If your friend loves flowers or has an eye for design, don’t hesitate to speak up.

3. Brighten the winter months with a winter wedding (off season generally: November-March/April)

Not only will your wedding automatically be unique, but since winter is generally slow, you will have an immense amount of flexibility (more dates and venues will be available). In addition, you don’t have to worry about heat waves or sweat!

4. If serving alcohol, try to provide it yourself

Alcohol can be extremely costly. Try to find a wedding venue or catering service that will allow you to serve your own refreshments. Also find out which type of beverage (wine, beer, etc.) is the cheapest, and consider serving a few drink options opposed to an open bar.

5. Bigger tables

If the venue can accomodate it, try and get bigger tables, that way you will cut the cost of table decorations, centerpieces, and flowers.

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6. If it’s at a hotel, see what materials are available

Hotels make great reception halls. It’s convenient for out of town guests and it can accomodate large crowds. If hotel reception is a good fit for your wedding, ask the hotel if they have any large group discounts. If anything, you should be able to make use of the available furniture (tables, chairs, etc.).

7. See if the venue is willing to negotiate (i.e. a discount for paying upfront)

It never hurts to ask! Before making a final decision, ask if there are any special discounts. If the venue requires a deposit, ask if you can get a discount if you pay the full payment upfront.

8. Think creatively: get married in a park, a backyard, or even a smaller city

A less densely populated area could result in potential discounts or even a cheaper rate (keep extra charges and barriers such as charges and permits in mind). Aside from that, who wouldn’t want a more exclusive wedding venue surrounded by breathtaking views?

9. Keep the guest list small and celebrate with a large party later, or consider having a shorter reception

Depending on the wedding venue, some places charge by the hour and have overtime fees. Be sure to allocate time to decoration and clean up to make sure you don’t extend your stay.

10. Seek all-inclusive packages

Sometimes wedding venues have deals with other wedding vendors, which can be passed onto you, saving you time and money. Depending on the package, you will also be able to get other details taken care of such as catering and decorations.

  • Nice tips and In my opinion When you are looking for a small venue, try a restaurant. Look for restaurants with private dining rooms, outside court yards and lawns that can support the type of wedding you are envisioning.

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