Wedding Snap Wedding of the Week: Stephanie & Ryan

stephanie768 pink elephant

Pink elephants and refrigerators are not the typical recipe for love, but they proved to be for Stephanie and Ryan. For today’s Featured Wedding Friday, we are sharing their unique story that turned into one of our most fun weddings to date! For Wednesday’s Photo of the Week, we showed you just a glimpse of one of their amazing wedding ideas with their Thumbprint Guestbook Tree.

On a warm summer afternoon in Massachusetts, Stephanie was preparing to start her summer internship program at Harvard University. Her parents were there to help her move items into her apartment, among them a cumbersome miniature refrigerator. Fortunately, Ryan appeared and asked if the family could use some help. Stephanie and her parents gladly accepted. As the four of them stood in the semi-furnished room, Stephanie’s father introduced himself and his family, while her mother smiled, subtly nudging her. For now, this was the extent and the end of their relationship. Little did they know that fate had other plans in store for this pair. A few days later, Stephanie was at an event for her internship program. It was here where she was randomly assigned to be Ryan’s partner. In this challenge, they had to act as husband and wife.

Soon after the event, the pair quickly became an item. Stephanie was quickly falling for Ryan, and it was evident that the feelings were mutual. A month after they began their relationship, Ryan wanted to express his feelings with three little words. However, Stephanie didn’t want him to say it quite yet, so they agreed upon the code words “pink elephant” as a temporary substitute. (How adorable!) Three and a half years later, the couple happily married in a private Atlanta ceremony where they were cheered on by friends and family. Check out all of their amazing photos captured by Wedding Snap to see how outrageously fun the ceremony was!

stephanie768 transport

stephanie768 venue

stephanie768 garland entrance

stephanie768 kiss

stephanie768 married

stephanie768 groomsmen

stephanie768 guests

stephanie768 guests smiling

stephanie768 guestsss

stephanie768 bridesmaids

stephanie768 playing ball

stephanie768 windows as seating

stephanie768 burlap

stephanie768 dancing

stephanie768 candybar

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