Top 5 Eco-Friendly Rings

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So you want to be updated with all the latest in the wedding scene, but love being eco-conscious? One of this year’s biggest trends and fabulous trends is eco-friendly weddings!

Couples around the world have come up with some of the most amazing “green” ideas for the eco-friendly couple and you can be chic and “green”. We happened to find some of the most gorgeous rings that just so happen to also be eco-friendly and came up with a list of our Top 5 Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings.

We love that they are green chic and still have that glamorous sparkle to them. Get ready to gawk and drool over these 5 Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings because they are amazing (and ethically responsible).

1) Andrea Bonelli

14k-gold-and-diamond-engagement-ring--andrea bonelli

{Photo Credit: Andrea Bonelli}

Andrea Bonelli is a one-woman show and we’re always impressed by her work. She is constantly making gorgeous eco-friendly rings. We are particularly in love with  this ring she created from recycled 14kt White gold and gave it a slightly hammered, high polished, reflective shine after setting a gorgeous,.50ct White Diamond. Why is this ring one of our favorite eco-friendly styles? It is simple, but so chic and green.

2. Turtle Love Co. 

turtle love


{Photo Credit: Turtle Love Co.}


This ring by Turtle Love Co. is to say the least, bold & romantic. The Dainty Crown Diamond Ring is hand-made in Brooklyn by Yuko Matsumura. A single princess cut diamond is at the center of the ring of round diamonds for that utterly royal sparkle that gives this ring its name. I’m absolutely in love with this ring because it’s just so pretty and makes a statement without being overbearing on the finger.

3. Brilliant Earth

brilliant earth


{Photo Credit: Brilliant Earth}

What’s our favorite thing about Brilliant Earth (besides this vintage Art Deco ring)? You have the ability to make your own custom ring with all conflict-free diamonds & gemstones. They are known for high quality, beautiful styles, and that personalization factor. It’s your big day, why wouldn’t you want to be able to customize your ring?


4. Simply Wood Rings



{Photo Credit: Simply Wood Rings}

So these rings may not technically “sparkle”, but they stand out and shine on their own for being so unique and beautiful. This particular style of ring from Simply Wood Rings is made up of Bog Oak (I know you’re thinking, what’s that?). Bog Oak comes from White Oak trees that have been buried in the bogs of Europe and carbon dated 4,500 to 5,000 years old. So what gives these rings their unique two-tone color? The lighter color is wood taken from the center of these White Oak trees and the darker tone is due to the chemicals in the bog (how amazing?!). The combination of these tones symbolizes the “marriage of old & young, maturity & youthfulness, and the masculine & feminine”.

We wouldn’t mind breaking tradition for these oh so lovely rings!


5. Beth Cyr


{Photo Credit: Beth Cyr}

What began as an experiment with organic textures and diamonds turned into an amazing line of rings such as this one! Beth Cyr’s rings can be found on Etsy and she has over 90 styles of rings inspired by the textures of nature. Like this one, many of her rings reflect the interesting texture of tree bark and she has so elegantly incorporated these features into her pieces of art.

 What’s your favorite eco-friendly ring? Did we miss any must-have rings for the green bride?



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