{Guest Post} Top 4 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Music Festival

Australia is known worldwide for holding some of the largest and most popular outdoor music festivals. Participants flock from far and wide to bask in the melodious atmosphere of both small and large outdoor celebrations year round, such as The Big Day Out, Parklife and Summadayze.

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Although we’re proud of our rich musical culture, it’s also the consistently stellar organization of such events that keeps crowds coming back. We’ve compiled a list of tips to make your next outdoor music festival one to remember.


1.     Prepare For All Types of Weather

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Australia’s slightly erratic weather conditions make planning ahead a must. Consider what time of year you’re planning the event, and plan for quick climatic changes. The name of the game is to keep participants comfortable, no matter what the weather. During summer consider adding a “cool station” to your venue; having a place to relax under a water-mister or chill beneath a fan can be a lifesaver during 40 plus degree-days. Have sunblock readily accessible as well. If you decide to introduce a festival in a cooler climate, research protective structures that keep in the heat so party-goers can rock on without freezing up. It’s always a good idea to have umbrellas and tarps on hand as well.


2.     Procure All Necessary Licensing Far in Advance

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Outdoor festivals must adhere to many laws and regulations. Make contacts with local law and governing agencies early to find out exactly what permits you’ll need, as the processing times can vary. By creating and maintaining these important contacts throughout the whole process, you’ll have a much smoother ride should any legal issues arise. Devise a risk management plan and decide whether or not you’ll need particular insurances for the event based on the territory. Look further into tax obligations, liquor and food licensing. Invest some time into checking out the safety regulations for any and all activities that will be available on-site during your outdoor festival.


3.     Book a Diverse Line-Up of Entertainment

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No matter your target audience, it’s important to hire quality performers as music is the main focus. Having a variety of talent will open up the event to a wider range of spectators. In addition to music, offer activities for participants to enjoy in-between sets. Creative artists and unique food vendors will surprise and delight festival-goers.  When you under-promise and over-deliver, you’re sure to create a popular reputation in the festival world and attract more buzz in the years to follow.


4.     Hire a Reliable Team

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Rounding up a strong team of promoters, organizers, venders and performers is a great start. But what about keeping your participants safe? A trustworthy security team can help with crowd control, unruly behavior and emergency situations. Highly certified security staff will protect you and your guests, so liability won’t be an issue. Look for an organization with previous music festival experience.


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