Tips on Reducing the Costs of Hiring an Event Photographer

Eversnap has been used at 100,000+ events. We’ve talked to tons of event organizers, DJ’s, photographers, brides & grooms, and large event planning organizations.

Hiring a photographer and capturing the best moments are key. Photographers don’t come cheap.

These are a list of the things that the photographer is thinking about when they quote you a price and tips on how to negotiate and reduce the price but maintain a high level of quality.

Time prepping and packing gear before each session’

Sometimes you can reduce this cost by paying for the photographer’s hotel room and talking to them about the specific equipment they plan on using.

Drive time to and from session

Know the distance from the event to the photographer and back. If you can coordinate it, offer to pick them up and drop them off. The average photographer will charge a premium on gas. Knowing this is a concern, measure the distance they have to travel using google maps and give them a specific compensation fee.

Time actually shooting

There should be a very specific number or goal in terms of the number of photos and videos the photographer takes. Set the benchmark. This is your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, quincinera, sweet sixteen, anniversary, or corporate holiday party and you cannot capture enough moments. Make sure the photographer has an expectation that is clear.

Time downloading, editing, exporting, posting and backing up photos

Give them the SD Card or bring your laptop to the event and get the photos from them there and onsite. For $50-100 you can buy a simple USB hard drive to back up photos. Give them the option of taking this off their chest. This will reduce your photographers operating costs.

Time promoting and maintaining business social media sites

Offer to write a blog post about them and share their site on your social networks and a link to their site in the caption of everywhere you post the photos. This will reduce your costs. Use to show them your level of social influence. They will appreciate this.

Time spent maintaining website and blog and refining search engine optimization

Allow them to use a few photos from the event to drive traffic to their website. Even offer to give a video testimonial. This is money in the bank for most of them.

Time communicating with clients via phone and email

Be clear, to the point, and have examples of the types of event shots you like having.

Time spent networking with wedding vendors and local small businesses

Offer to introduce the photographer to your other vendors with strong references as well as the people at your event who are likely to get married, have another event, turn 16, or have an anniversary in the coming days and weeks.

If you can’t afford the event photographer’s $800-$5000 services, you can always rely on Eversnap to collect the photos and videos of your guests. You can capture the event from 1000 different perspectives. Often times, Eversnap Events have photographers and guests capturing moments with Eversnap and sharing them to the platform. 

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