Social Media and the Effect it has on the Indian Wedding Market

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Social media has played a significant role in weddings in the last several years.  Indian weddings specifically, have also been affected by the new social media trends in various ways. Suddenly, everyone and anyone can share your wedding details on the internet in “real time” stripping you of privacy and exposing your wedding and all of its details to unintended audiences. There are several ways to look at the situation. Some brides and grooms don’t mind and actually welcome the attention. However, I have found that Indian couples tend to be more reserved and private about their unions with non-guests. I have noticed clear ways social media has been affecting Indian weddings and have some simple solutions for those who are more concerned about privacy.

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Some ways to nicely detour guests from their overzealous posting are put tasteful signs by the guest book requesting that no photos be taken or posted during the ceremony and it will distract them from the ceremony and the bride and groom would like all of their guests to be able to enjoy the union. Some couples prefer this and will then allow for photos to resume during the reception. Or offer that all photos taken be uploaded to a special wedding app. Photo-sharing iPhone and Android apps allow your guests to snap photos on their smartphones and share them in an online wedding “album.” Then, you can download your favorites, share them on Facebook, or even display them in a live moderated slideshow during the wedding. This is a great way to keep your guests engaged at the event, while also promoting the idea of keeping the photos in a private album instead of posting all of them to Facebook right away.

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The bottom line is wedding guests and vendors in general need to be careful of what they post when they are at weddings. Privacy boundaries and the couples wishes need to be respected. Social media has opened the floodgates for public opinions and some couples are much more sensitive about what is shared. The wide reach and the instant access have made social media an open book for all of the world to see.

However, as mentioned, there are definitely ways you can help respect a couple’s wishes and still create a great event for your guests. Think about solutions like creating a private album with a photosharing app to collect all the guests’ photos in one place and not on social media. You can also make it clear to guests when you would prefer them not to take photos to make those boundaries clear. Guests are normally very respectful of what you ask of them, so a sign as mentioned earlier may be the solution to your concerns. 


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