Reduce the Stress of Planning With These Wedding Apps

By: Alyssa Fong

5 Wedding Apps to Help You Stay Organized

The thought of planning a wedding is stressful enough. For those that are familiar with wedding planning, you know first-hand everything that needs to get done like finding the right look, dress, band, venue, cake, flowers, centerpieces, etc.

Thanks to the growing number of smartphone users, wedding apps are becoming more available. For the modern bride, the stress of planning a wedding can be reduced by taking advantage of the various wedding apps on the market.

Below are 5 wedding apps for iPhone devices that will help you narrow down your options and keep you organized so that you can worry less about planning and focus more on your celebration.


1. Wedding Budget

If you need an app to help you keep track of your expenses, Wedding Budget is the perfect app for that. It gives you a visual breakdown of the costs based on the category (i.e. photography, flowers, ceremony, music, etc.). You can even see how much you have allocated thus far, how much you have left in your budget, and when the next payment is due.












Pros: Great tool to keep track of your budget, you get to visually see where that money is being allocated, it’s a FREE app

Cons: Cannot add cents to the value amount, and would be nice if it could be synced to the website and with other planning tools like the to-do list app and the timeline app

Cost: FREE

Final Say: This wedding app is great for any couple undergoing the planning process, and will help you spend your money wisely. Though there are a few additional features that would be nice to include in this wedding app, for the attractive price of $0, you really can’t complain.


2. Plan Your Wedding With Mindy Weiss

Are you a fan of celebrity weddings? Want advice from a renowned wedding planner? If so, this app has your name written all over it.  From Gwen Stefani to Hedi Klum, Mindy Weiss is known for planning A-list weddings. With this wedding app, you will gain exclusive access to videos from the planner herself; updates on the latest trends, ideas, and bridal collections; and a variety of planning tools (link gift photos to guests, honeymoon notes, thank you letters).














Pros: Have a professional planner at your fingertips, stay up to date on your wedding plans, fantastic resource for all types of wedding information (like an encyclopedia in one wedding app!), perfect blend of tips and photos.

Cons: on the pricier side

Cost: $7.99

Final Say: This wedding app will not disappoint. Mindy provides her insight and wisdom on wedding planning (the very same advice that she shares with her clients). With Mindy, planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming anymore.


3. Wedding Row

No matter where you are in the planning process, you will love the Wedding Row wedding app. Not only is the design and layout adorable, it is also practical too. This wedding app serves as inspiration for you to collect and snap photos, which you will be able to store in multiple “inspirational boards”. Use this app as a major resource to help you narrow down your ideas to fit your vision.














Pros: Categorize, create, and share your inspirational boards, perfect for those still searching for a vision, keep track of budget, vendors, etc.

Cons: a guest list and timeline would also be nice features to include, wedding app will crash on occasion

Cost: $1.99

Final Say: This wedding app is a very entertaining way to collect your inspirational photos to help you decide on the look you want for your wedding. If you love inspirational photos and visual content, you will absolutely adore this app. In addition, Wedding Row allows you to import your own images, take your own photos, and assign tasks to contacts in your address book. However, where this wedding app really shines is through its inspirational boards.


4. Fun Wedding

Need songs for your wedding? No problem, use this handheld jukebox app to help you with that! Fun Wedding makes it easy for you to select songs for your wedding by categorizing them based on the decade, most popular, bride & groom, groom & mother, etc. It’s a fantastic resource for you to test out different playlists and see what will get your guests dancing.












Pros: Extensive song collection

Cons: Crashes occasionally

Cost: $0.99

Final Say: For $0.99, this wedding app provides you with all the popular hits from the 1950’s to present day. With all your different guests, you’ll be sure to find a little something for everyone. Though the app tends to crash occasionally, it’s still a great way for you to experiment with different playlists, and will help out your DJ immensely.


5. Wedding Dress Look Book

Looking for that perfect dress? Use the knot’s Wedding Dress Look Book wedding app. It will help you narrow down your choices by providing the best look based on your body type and preference.

Pros: Provides a number of styles that you can choose from based on your body type

Cons: Has difficulty syncing to account

Cost: FREE

Final Say: The Knot has done it again by providing another great resource for brides to be. This extensive catalog will help you pick the perfect fit,  and the best part is that it’s free!

  • kennady

    Yes i agree the wedding app for iPad and iPhone will reduce the stress. With the help of app, the user can find out the vendors and useful wedding planning tools will save the time and ease the wedding tension.

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