Planning 101: Wedding App Must-Haves

By: Michelle Tang

Wedding Planning Apps

Whether you’re just thinking about wedding ideas, actually planning it, or that special day is just a matter of weeks away, the tech-savvy couple can take advantage of a number of smartphone wedding apps that make the whole process that much easier! Thinking about all of the planning and decisions that go into making that day become reality is daunting. From flowers to the guest list, the “to-dos” are never-ending! However, here are the top wedding planning apps based upon reviews, testing out the apps myself, and all that other good information that will let you manage all the tasks that you need to accomplish one click at a time.

5. Wedding Wire (Version 3.1)

Need a wedding app to just organize your wedding ideas? WeddingWire lets you put together all of your tasks, form a budget, and search for professional vendors in the area for everything from videographers to venues in one simple app.











Pros: Overall, works well with a comprehensive to-do list and budget chart that can be synced with the website.

Cons: Lacks a guest list and seating chart. Very simple interface with minimal graphics.

Cost: Free

Average Rating: (14 Reviews for the newest version) 2.5/5 stars

The Bottom Line: It’s a simple, functional, and practical wedding app with some great information and tools to keep track of some of your tasks before the big day. The vendor search tool is probably one of its strongest tools, providing all the necessary information about local vendors from the DJ to the cake. It’s not too complex, but it works well.

4. My Wedding Bridal Binder

For $2.99, you can organize all of your important wedding tasks and information in one place. This wedding app allows you to navigate through a comprehensive checklist, suggested budget breakdown, and extensive vendor information database. After placing in just your wedding date and overall budget, it will automatically create a detailed checklist and help you make estimates to prevent you from going over your ideal budget! From this app, you can also access My Wedding Bridal Binder’s continuously updated blog site and receive helpful hints as soon as they’re needed.











Pros: Differentiated from other wedding apps with its detailed vendor tips and questions to ask potential vendors for your event. Up-to-date information accessed through the website’s blog.

Cons: Guest list is very simplified and does not allow room for much detail. Also lacks a seating chart to sync with the guest list.

Cost: $2.99

Average Rating: (Not currently rated)

The Bottom Line: It is great for the slightly disorganized in putting together the numbers and tasks, but its draw is in the vendor tips and information. This is a great resource to tap into if you’re still out there choosing the appropriate band or florist.

3. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner (Version 1.3.2)

From the wedding enthusiasts of the well-known wedding website,, comes this wonderful wedding app. It includes a countdown (because everyone loves a count down), detailed wedding checklist to make sure you stay on top of things, budget tool to keep track of the Benjamins, and 1000s of photos for inspiration for everyone in the wedding party. Find something striking? No worries, save it to your favorites or tweet it for all to enjoy. With its limited-time offer, users can even access a registry partnered with Bloomingdales.











Pros: Looks great and easy to navigate with many options with multiple useful tools. It can be combined in usage with two other wedding apps offered by The Knot called The Knot Wedding Dress Look Book and The Knot Wedding 911.

Cons: Lacks a guest list manager and users are unable to access websites through the app that are on the website. All of the apps are not combined into one.

Cost: Free

Average Rating: (55 Ratings) 3.5/5

The Bottom Line: This is a very useful app with a nice interface to get inspiration as well as manage the crucial tasks of budgeting and creating a checklist. There is a place to save your favorites and browse, but makes sure you’re still remaining on top of things. It is easy to navigate, but it does not encompass all of the rich aspects of the website, such as tools to import guest lists into spreadsheets. It would be great to see more of the other associated apps condensed into one to reduce the need to go from one to the other.

2. Wedding Planner Complete (Version 1.2)

Combining the necessary tools you need to plan a wedding with all of the professional advice you could ask for, the Wedding Planner Complete app helps you prepare for that big day. A checklist broken down by a timeline up until the day of the wedding and a seating chart connected to the guest list, it makes keeping track of all of the little things that much easier. A guest changes his or her mind? No problem. Want to know about rental items? There are tips for that. Informative and effective, it is a great tool to have on hand when sorting out all of the details!











Pros: Very informative and user friendly to get to the various pages.

Cons: While the guest list and seating chart are both useful tools, they have a tendency to crash.

Cost: Free

Rating: (229 Reviews) 4.5/5 stars

The Bottom Line: Especially for being free, this wedding app has all of the major tools to keep the planning process streamlined. It is an organizational as well as informative tool for couples looking to reduce the paperwork that can often plague them, as the day gets closer. However, with how vital a functional guest list and seating chart are, the occasional crashing of these functions can make this app a bit of a hassle at times. Overall, it works well and pays attention to the important details.

1. iWedding Deluxe (Version 1.9)

While a little on the pricey side for an app, this wedding app encompasses all of the necessary components of an electronic wedding planner. Aside from the key tools of the to-do list, budget assistant, and contact section to keep track of vendors, the app has a few new features that make it worth the extra $6.99. Some of the new features include a photo section if something catches your eye on the run, a detailed guest list and seating plan that allows you to even note choice of meal and RSVPs, and a guide for all the important information. With the guide, you are kept up-to-date with more than ten of the most popular wedding blogs be inspired by numerous photo galleries.











Pros: Great graphics and extremely comprehensive with its strong points being its guest list/seating plan and guide. Another bonus is that you can export all of your information via e-mail to back-up or integrate the app with Twitter.

Cons: Slightly more complex and bulky than other wedding apps, making it more difficult to navigate. Cannot separate guest list by side of the wedding party. A little on the pricey side for most wedding apps.

Cost: $6.99

Rating: (21 Reviews/Current Version) 4.5/5 stars

The Bottom Line: Overall, iWedding Deluxe is extremely helpful in making the wedding planning process more efficient and seem less overwhelming. In addition to accomplishing the major organizational tasks key to any wedding planning app, it pays attention to the little details that make the app all the more personalized. One feature that really stood out was the ability to adjust RSVPs from the guest list and divide them up by day/evening attendee. It becomes one less pile of papers to keep around and despite certain updates that could be made, it is an excellent app to incorporate into your set of wedding planning tools.



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