Add More Fun to Your Wedding With Photo Sharing App

By: Alyssa Fong

Platform to make photo sharing easier than ever

Whether you are tech-savvy or tech challenged, chances are high that you own a camera of some sort. With a variety of online photo sharing platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc. gaining access to photos is becoming increasingly fun, effective, and digital.

For weddings, this trend has increased over the years, as more couples take advantage of the technology that is readily available to them. For the modern bride and groom, technology is reinventing the way we experience and even relive certain events. Luckily Wedding Snap is here to provide couples with the opportunity to instantly collect, store, and share their wedding photos in one online album. So no matter your technological status, anyone can easily operate this wedding photo platform.

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Guests as Wedding Photographers

Using your guests as photographers is a great idea for capturing candid shots and seeing your special day from the eyes of loved ones. Most likely, people will naturally take photos and have fun doing so.


We didn’t have just one photographer at our wedding. We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 20. Every time we turned around, we had people popping photos with their mobile phones, handheld cameras and of course our hired photographer taking her own shots.

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 A simple and fun way to collect and share photos

With all those guests photos floating around the web, Wedding Snap has made photo sharing easy for all ages. For those unfamiliar with current social media photo sharing trends, or for those that desire a more centralized online collection and storage place, Wedding Snap is the way to go.


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