Photo of the Week: Thumbprint Tree Guestbook



From vinyl records to puzzle pieces, there are a ton of creative wedding guestbook ideas to choose from. Today, we’re featuring one of our all-time favorites, the thumbprint tree, displayed by Wedding Snap couple Stephanie and Ryan at their June 2012 wedding.

This type of custom-designed guestbook, where guests’ thumbprints become the leaves of the tree, is sure to become a beloved keepsake you can display at home for years to come. Like Stephanie and Ryan, you can also ask your guests to sign their names next to their prints as a memorable reminder of everyone who helped celebrate your big day.

If you’re interested in ordering a thumbprint tree guestbook for your own wedding, designs of various sizes and price ranges are available on Etsy and elsewhere, so be sure to shop around before choosing the one that’s right for you.

Looking for a few other fun ways to make your wedding guestbook unique? Check out “7 Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas” ( over at All Women Stalk for a list that includes everything from wine bottles to rustic stones.

Stay tuned for more fun photos from Stephanie and Ryan’s wedding as our Real Wedding blog series continues this Friday! 

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